Transformational Communication

Key Workshop Learnings | taught by Nanci Luna Jiménez

Course description

This video will help you understand the impacts of racism and other institutional oppressions in order to create a more just and connected present and future. We will do this by deepening our understanding of who we are, where we come from and why equity and justice matter—to us personally, to our organizations. This video focuses on enhancing our self-awareness, learning about the dynamics and impacts of systems, discharging and healing from past hurts, and practicing skills to lead more effectively and compassionately together.

The Course Includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Constructivist Listening: The Foundational Tool for Transformative Healing
  3. Nature of Human Beings: All Human Beings Are Born Intelligent, Curious, Good, Loving, Zestful and Proud
  4. Restimulation: How Early Hurts Show Up Today
  5. Adultism: The Training Ground For All Oppression
  6. Shifting Frames of Reference and Understanding the Importance of Context
  7. Patterns and Internalized Oppression

Nanci Luna Jiménez
Nanci Luna Jiménez

Nanci Luna Jiménez is recognized regionally, nationally, and i nternationally for her highly effective and insightful training, inclusive facilitation, and dynamic speaking with groups of diverse ages, industries, and cultural backgrounds. Following her passion, she founded Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates in 1994 to design and deliver unique programs that encourage individuals in their process of personal transformation, releasing individual initiative to create a more just and equitable workplace and world.

From members of US Congress, chiefs of Amazonian indigenous tribes, and Executive Directors to early childhood educators, students of every level and leadership fellows from every sector; from one-on-one coaching, intimate groups of 10 or less to over 1000 participants; from in-house training to multi-lingual, multi-national events, Nanci has touched the lives of tens of thousands by offering them tools and frameworks that transform their lives.

Course Curriculum

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